Welcome to the Looking Glass magazine's submission page. Looking Glass is the art and literary magazine at Grosse Pointe South High School, dedicated to creating an annual magazine showcasing the art and writing of South's student body every spring.  

Please create an account or login to submit your art, writing, or music.  We thank you for sharing your work with the Looking Glass and for helping to perpetuate the art and writing culture at South High School.

This magazine's theme and focus for the 2023-2024 school year is “CONTRAST." We hope that this broad concept will inspire you to create art in a way that will be accessible to everyone and encourage you to explore it in multiple ways.  Thus, any submissions relating to this concept, or interpreting this idea are welcomed from all students.

We are open to any submissions from current Grosse Pointe South students, as we enjoy showcasing and encouraging diversity in our magazine. All media and prose are eligible for submission. Sculpture, painting, photography, graphics, poetry, short stories, essays, narratives, etc.; all formats are welcome.

Looking Glass is also taking the initiative this year to accept a more diverse array of artists, writers, and creatives for publication.  This is why our leadership team encourages you to tell as many people as you can about this year's issue-- we want our magazine to reflect the same range of perspectives, voices, and visions that creation itself contains.

The deadline for submissions is tentatively scheduled for March 15, 2024, at 11:59 p.m..

Please note that no anonymous submissions will be published or reviewed. We follow this rule in order to maintain transparency, fairness, and honesty within the Looking Glass publication. All pieces are published with the creator's name attached; if you feel as though you cannot attach your name to your work, please do not submit.

Meetings take place on Wednesdays, right after school in 293 (on occasion across the hall in 298); if you are interested in joining, please contact Mrs. Loughlin, Mr. Campion, or send us a direct message over Instagram (@gpslookingglass). Please contact us for any questions regarding previous issues of the magazine by emailing lookingglassgps@gmail.com or speaking to advisers Mrs. Loughlin or Mr. Campion, or any of the Looking Glass staff. Membership is open all year and we welcome all participants. For updates, follow us on Instagram at gpslookingglass. You can join the Looking Glass Remind account by texting @lookglass to 81010.

Please ensure all artwork is submitted in the highest quality, or largest file possible.

We assume all grammar, punctuation, and formatting is intentional upon submission.

Written Submissions

When prompted for Cover Letter, please provide your name and grade as well as any additional information or comments you would llike to share about your work.

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Art Submissions

Please submit your image with the highest possible resolution and size.

When prompted for Cover Letter, please provide your name and grade as well as any additional information or comments you would like to share about your work.

Please submit a copy of your sheet music or tablatures in the highest quality possible. Please do not send a photograph of scores, but scan them instead. Music may be typed or handwritten. 
Looking Glass: South's Art and Literary Magazine